These topics are available as webinars or in-person workshops for your library, regional system, state library, or conference. Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 days, we will adapt the presentation to suit your audience and local needs.

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All webinars and workshops are facilitated by Crystal Schimpf. For inquiries and bookings, email and tell us what you need. We’ll set up a call to talk it though with you, and come up with a training solution to help transform your organization.

“We’ve had the pleasure of bringing Crystal Schimpf to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to present two different workshops, one on digital storytelling for libraries, and one on bringing innovation to public libraries. On both occasions, she worked carefully with me to design a training event that would meet the specific needs of our attendees and the libraries they represent. Her knowledge and application of instructional design best practices were genuinely impressive; the workshops both featured an excellent balance of experiential learning exercises, focused instruction, and specially-designed supporting materials. I’ve booked scores of library trainers over the years, and she’s easily one of the very best.”
-Sam Eddington, Training Coordinator, Eastern Shore Regional Library

Innovation Skills

Innovating Library Services

Libraries are continually developing new programs and services to meet the needs of their community. But designing for the future can be challenging. How do you identify where to make changes? How do you make changes without taking on too much risk? This workshop is an interactive experience dedicated to finding solutions for real library challenges and problems. Attendees will work in teams and be guided through a process for team collaboration. The process draws on design thinking principles, and will end with a pitch for a solution to implement in their library. Participants will share knowledge and ideas, and will learn basic principles of innovative design processes. Participants will gain confidence and feel empowered to think about innovation and innovative ideas in their libraries. As a result, they will become better risk takers and be able to develop better solutions.

Culture of Learning

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Sustainable Staff Development: 5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Learning

Do you want to push the boundaries, drive change, and transform your library? Do you wish for a staff that is eager to learn new skills and change work behaviors? In order to create and maintain this culture of learning, it is essential that your library provide support for staff and cultivate learning experiences. Learn five practical steps to sustain this culture in your library staff and volunteers, brainstorm ways to encourage staff learning and growth, and more. Join this experienced librarian and trainer in an interactive workshop filled with useful tips and techniques for creating a learning culture in your organization.

Training Design & Delivery

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7 Tips for Designing Top Tech Training Tutorials

Self-paced eLearning tutorials can be a great method to provide technology training to library staff and patrons. Tutorials can be used to provide training on everything from basic technology to ILS implementation. But the key to designing truly effective eLearning lies in the design process. From storyboards to screencasting to successive approximation, this session will share seven tips to help you design highly effective eLearning for your library.

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Virtual Presentation Skills: Creating Engagement Online

What makes a great virtual presentation? Presenting online can be a completely different experience than presenting in person. Without audio or visual cues, it can feel like you are presenting to an empty room. But webinars do not have to be one-way information delivery channels. Come to this session to learn tips for engaging your audience, preparing effective slides, and developing a personal communication style.

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Designing Training: It Starts with Why

Take a close look at the first (and most important) step of any instructional design process: the identification of a need for training. By looking at “why” a training should be developed, trainers can focus their efforts on designing a training that will meet the needs of their target audience. We look beyond the superficial “why” but also at the deeper “why” - getting to the true purpose of training. Learn to identify identify the importance of asking “why” before designing a training and be able to apply this principle to your work by asking why and using the answer as the basis for instructional design. Be inspired to search for a deeper purpose when designing training.

Screencasting on a Budget

Whether you are training staff, supporting volunteers, or providing information for your clients, screencasts are a great tool for sharing step-by-step instructional videos. Explain a process, tour a website, or create an informational video. This interactive workshop demonstrates how to use free and cheap screencasting tools. Learn tips and tricks for creating awesome screencasts on a budget for your nonprofit. Walk away with a planning process for creating awesome screencasts, a list of recommended screencasting tools, and great ideas for how to incorporate screencasting at your organization!

Webinars that Work: Best Practices for Engaging E-Learning

Presenting a webinar can be a completely different experience than presenting in person. Without audio or visual cues, it can feel like you are presenting to an empty room. As a result, webinars often lack an element of audience engagement that can help participants learn. Identify the best practices for creating engaging webinars that result in learning. We share tips for engagement activities in different webinar platforms, as well as ideas to help presenters handle the lack of feedback. We also share best practices for presenting in online environments, including slide design and communication styles. Gain the confidence to approach your next webinar presentation without fear.

Outcome Measurement

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Project Outcome Regional Training Workshop**

This special training opportunity brings an expert trainer to your region to facilitate the planning process for implementing outcome measurement using the Project Outcome tools. Convene a cohort of public libraries interested in implementing outcome measurement to drive change, influence decision making, and demonstrate the impact of their library’s programs and services on the community. Special offering through the Public Library Association. Email for details or click button to view additional info.


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Lights, Camera, Advocacy: Digital Storytelling for Your Library

How can you tell your library’s story to increase public support? Learn how to develop a compelling story for your library, and how to leverage it to show your impact in the community. Walk away with a list of technology tools to develop top-notch stories.

Soft Skills

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Too much information!!! Managing Digital Overload

Do you suffer from information overload? Emails, webinars, listservs, blogs, enews, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can cause us to short circuit. Learn about your choices for filtering and organizing digital information to increase efficiency and reduce stress (without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon).

Digital Literacy

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Digital Literacy for Everyone

Looking for ways to get you and your staff up to speed? If you can figure out Dewey, you can figure out Windows! Gain practical tips, tools, and techniques to help bridge the digital divide at your library and create a culture of learning around technology. Bring your ideas and issues as we discuss common barriers to learning technology and explore three solutions to help staff become more tech savvy. Walk away with a process and a plan to increase learning in your organization.

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6 Essential Skills for One-on-One Tech Instruction

Have you ever helped a library patron with a technology issue? Have you offered computer tutoring by appointment? One-on-one tech instruction happens every day in libraries, and every technology question presents an opportunity to teach new skills. Luckily, you don’t need to be a tech expert to provide effective tech instruction. Learn six practical training skills that will help boost your ability to help library patrons with technology questions.

Train the Technology Trainer

Public technology training is successful when a student learns something new and is able to apply it to their life. You don’t need to be a tech expert to learn the practical skills for successful technology training. Learn about effective training techniques and provide interactive learning in a technology classroom setting. Includes classroom management techniques, preparation skills, and how to handle difficult situations.

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In-Person Training
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full-day $3,500
multi-day $5,000+
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**Project Outcome Regional Training
full-day + virtual meetings $7,000
includes travel and additional support from PLA

Custom Workshop Design
additional fee, varies by project

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